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Jessica Mar Releases Feisty New Single, “Somebody”

Fiery Pop Artist Boldly Challenges Societal Pressures & Ageist Expectations


Indie pop artist, Jessica Mar, is releasing a bold new banger titled “Somebody,” calling out ageist societal standards. With powerful, rock-inspired instrumentals, Mar delivers a fiery yet uplifting pop track. Her propensity to call our culture higher is evident with these fierce lyrics based on her experiences with the Forbes 30 Under 30 culture while living in LA. “Somebody” became available for streaming/download on all digital music platforms worldwide on March 11th, 2024. 


Soulful vocals and electrifying beats elevate this track to an anthem for anyone who has had enough of being told who to be. Driven by her frustration with society viewing people—mainly women—as pieces of produce with an expiration date of age 30, the lyrics are sassy, powerful, and addicting. Mar grabs listeners’ attention by singing what many are feeling. “‘Somebody’ was initially inspired by conversations about Forbes 30 Under 30,” says Mar. “I formerly found myself surrounded by people that saw ‘making it’ by age 30 as the end all be all, which was absurd to me considering I was almost 30 at the time and I knew I had a lot more life to live.”  Beto Vargas (Beto Vargas Productions) and Mert Özcan (The Record House) produced "Somebody" along with the rest of the songs on the coming debut album. “Everyone has their own unique journey and expression—pressure to be anyone other than your authentic self on your own specific timeline can be harmful for anyone,” Jessica adds.  


Indie-pop artist Jessica Mar, formerly known as Jess Weimer, is a native of Wichita, Kansas, where she grew up singing and playing the fiddle in a local band. After college, she lived in Los Angeles for eight years and recently landed in Cedar Rapids, IA to tap into a music community close to her Midwestern roots. It’s clear from her signature sound that blends elements of pop, rock, and soul—along with her purposeful lyrics—that she’s a contender amongst her pop contemporaries. She draws musical inspiration from a variety of artists, including The Black Keys, Dua Lipa, and, and Janis Joplin. You can expect more genre-blending pieces from her throughout 2024 as Jessica Mar continues to tell her empowering story with heartfelt lyrics and energizing beats. 


“Somebody” demonstrates Jessica Mar’s ability to tap into her personal values while crafting music that is both relatable AND empowering. “It’s time for everyone to see more examples of people winning at all ages as their authentic selves.” This song is for those that are fed up with feeling like they’re missing the societal mark, and are ready to lean into their own individual experience over what they’re “supposed to” be doing. Stream and download “Somebody” on digital music platforms worldwide and visit her at

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"Jessica Mar combines music, mindfulness, and philanthropy to empower and heal." 





"You can hear the Kansas BBQ sauce in [Jessica’s] hearty vocals here as she drives through some stellar production on this autobiographical telling of the journey leading up to her rebrand."

- Brian mates of Indie Pong


“Overall, Mar’s brand is centered on the intersection of music, mindfulness, and philanthropy, and she aims to inspire others to live life with intention and make an empowering impact in the world.”

- Henry Jenkins of MUSIC OBSERVER


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