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This Self-titled debut album is a comprehensive, genre-blending, musical 3D puzzle that is being built piece by piece in real-time.  tHE collection of stand-alone singles fit together in an over-arching story that is being revealed one song at a time. The album is a timely piece that conveys the human experience of victory, growth, and empowerment through adversity. versatility is a theme in both the composition and the messaging. Containing elements of modern synth, indie-pop infused instrumentation, classic soulful vocals, funky bass-lines, disco horn arrangements, folksy melodies, and anything in between, this album gives a buffet of musical flavors all while maintaining the signature Jessica Mar sound.   

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"Jess Weimer is BACK in a big way with her new banger pop single ‘New Truth’ under her new alias Jessica Mar. You can hear the Kansas BBQ sauce in Jess’s hearty vocals here as she drives through some stellar production on this autobiographical telling of the journey leading up to her rebrand." - Brian mates of Indie Pong

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